Turbocool C/F

When summer strikes, most Floridians avoid the outdoors and tend to hide out inside the house with the air conditioner working overtime.

Little do they know, there's a new cooling system for outdoor areas that lets you sit outside in comfort, free from that sweaty, sticky and miserable feeling in the sun's blaze. 

Turbo Cool C/F Series is a perfect fit for outdoor patios, pergolas, awnings, or even under an umbrella.

The Turbo Cool device blows vaporized mists capable of cooling down the temperature as much as 20 degrees.

It uses very high-pressure nozzles to spray ultra-fine water mists and a patented delivery system to cool your outdoors.

Plus, the mist is so tiny it evaporates within 3 feet of the unit. This ensures you never feel a drop of water and everything stays dry.

  • Florida deck 63
  • Florida deck 64
  • Florida deck 49
Florida deck 48

Florida Deck and Patio installs Turbo cool devices for commercial and residential units.

As this project does require some technical planning for a long-lasting and optimal install, we’re happy to offer you a free quote.

Contact us today to have one of our techs visit your site and show you how to get the most out of your outdoor paradise. 

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