Turbo Cool


TurboCool™ technology is unlike anything you have seen in the misting business. Our aim in all of our designs is to provide the flexibility to target the cooling whether it is 13 feet or 3 feet to the area to be cooled, with complete evaporation and no wetness. We utilize a combination of our unique patented technologies to achieve complete evapo-ration.

Including our Hi-Pressure Cat Pumps, Our Nozzles, Our Air Delivery System, Our Pressurized Patented TurboCool™ cabinets, and Our Unique Patented TurboCool™ Ports and our latest Patented TurboCool™ Turbolator™ Port ensure complete evaporation.

So you can sit at a table 3-5 feet from the port and ensure complete cooling with no wetness. Just a cool comfortable breeze.  

NO WETNESS Guaranteed, 

This is the TurboCool™ way.

Kit Components

  • .13 GPM High Pressure Cat Pump and motor assembly
    • .13 GPM High Pressure Cat Pump and motor assembly
    • Pump is an industrial use high quality durable pump.
    • Features Include Low Pressure Switch and Solenoid.
    • Optional Aluminum Enclosure Available. (This pump can handle up to 7 Fans. Various Upgraded Pumps can handle up to 100 Fans.)
  • 2 TurboCool cabinets, aluminum or stainless steel (white or black only) Other custom colors available for an upcharge
  • 2 Mounting Brackets & Hardware
  • 4 Nozzles
  • 50’ High Pressure Hose 3/8” or 1/4” (Black or White)
  • 25 Pcs Hose clamps (Black or White)
  • 25 Pcs mounting screws
  • Instructions and Warranty (Two Years)


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turbo cool outdoor misting portals

Portal Box

Our Portal Box cool misting cabinets were designed to give our customers more options for the cool misting fans.Made from stainless steel or galvanized steel you won't have to worry about rusting. We also have a wooden model that is designed to work the same as our steel models only it has a nice clean wood look. The portal boxes can be powdered coated in almost any color. This color option allows us to make cool misting portal boxes that blend more with the exterior look of an outdoor seating area. Another nice feature to the portal boxes is that we can do a recess mount which completely hides the cabinet and the only exposed portion are the misting ports.


misting_rockThe portal rocks were designed to be aesthetically pleasing in areas where the jet ports will not work Such as in an open area with out structures to mount the jet ports to or the original caged fans. The CoolRox are designed with 2 misting ports 90 degrees from each other.

Mist2Fire Portal Cooling

Mist2FireThe Mist2Fire is a new product we made to give our customers a combination cooling tower and portable patio heater. the heater is a portable propane heater with a quartz glass tube running through the center so that the flame becomes a decorative center piece. The heater has wheels for easy mobility making these cooling towers easy to move unlike most cool misting systems. The cool misting insert is designed to work with the Commercial Zen Patio Heater. Switching the heater to a cooling tower is a simple, easy procedure. That should take about 5-10 minutes when done carefully.

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